Mark Zegarelli
Mark Zegarelli

Love on Earth

Love on Earth

artistic constraint within abundance


To Ernie

received in a dream

January 2000


For Tami

a housewarming gift

February 2000


Spirit of East


I have seen you

Rising out of the sun

Each morning

Borne on the waves


I have touched you

When the fragrant mist

Was on the leaves


Land of my spirit father

Have you forsaken me?


Long before this burden was placed

It was lifted


By the gentle breeze of oceans

By the cool calm hand of time


By every day that sent spirit toward eternity


Land of my father

Shifting along the half-flown turn of tide


Within the wild mist still falling












Has even the earth born of trauma

Searched her pain for truth


And reaching thus found it?


Calling to her children

Echoing the dark forces

And canceled by any hope of dreams


You who have seen light in life

And given it into the hands of our father

And scooped up muck and dung

And made it my home


I can’t reconcile this freedom


And searching found


Claim warriors, yes, but claim them

With a song


The endless orange of the dawn


And a new fight now

If endless war be done

But purple now, reflecting through the haze


All shimmering


Made perfect


In gracious breeze


In calm tomorrow


And this is you




If an eagle


Lifting toward the fog


Then gone




to find you and never die


i would take the framework of a house

and this revealing strip it thus

down to its berry-knotted bones

and cast it here

and claw my way to freedom


the ribs, the rigging against blue sky

the still and clear of morning

on days

standing on mulch

that sticks in children’s sneakers


summer found you free then

and found the face of one who

wiped sad tears from yours

turn there now, though it has been

too long unillumed


only a candle unshowing by day

lighting at night the way

lift it thus, a torch, and hold it

offered high

to those who view between/beyond the stars


a saint’s-eye view, no?

the dancers down below

dancing their circles in light

while challenging outside night

and more than night





They are sent to sea

And they are meant, cast there,

To get trashed


Bobbing thus


Along cold night


If you turn from them they will come



Close down the heat of the day

Spread wings against the warm

Uprising draft

And rise


The key to the ocean

Is in its tides

Its shifting sands

Vibratory language


I shall remain certain

In this song


But something beyond joy

And more plain





I have taken a leaf from the page

From the tree of passion

And filled it with oozing goo


The fingers of its branches extending spread

Sunlight reaching through each


I was too busy painting

To hear the tern’s cry unnoticed

In its highest branch


Breaking the gathering speed toward falls


Barrel cracked, an egg on the rocks

From which flew eagles







A lot must go right






treasure bound

and treasure left unfound

a chest kicked open



cornice crave

in these etchings revealed


a new horizon’s time


in my light

in everlasting sight

the peace I sought

had sought me all along


now thunder –

  now rhythm

  come crashing down

because there is

  always more


twisted sight

echo in the night

my fire

burns in this desire


holding truth

an everlasting ruth

lays claim

to all that is my name