Mark Zegarelli
Mark Zegarelli

Insight 15: 
Awareness cannot not be you.

No matter where you go, there you are.

            Confucius (Yes, I know, Buckaroo Bonzai said it, too, but that was much later – in the future, actually.)


This insight goes hand in hand with the previous one: Awareness is always and inextricably linked with who you are – because, in fact, awareness is who you are. So, there is no conception of you without awareness or awareness without you.


To verify this insight, I invite you to imagine any world or universe you like, however strange, fantastic, or even impossible. Or, if you like, recall the wildest dream you've ever had.


Now, notice that however bizarre the content of this imagining may be, you as the awareness who observes this content remains just as you always are.


Indeed, awareness as self – the vantage point from which each of us experiences the world – is so constant that each of us refers to it all day long by the most commonly spoken word in English: I.


This ever-present I is indivisible not only from experience but even from imagining.


If you see how this idea makes sense in light of your own personal understanding, you’re ready to jump forward to Insight 16.